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Where does your content come from?

We source our content from Reddit. We've gone through and handpicked the best of the best and grouped content into categories for you. This means that you're getting content that has been curated by millions of Redditors, and then tailored to your preferences.

When you subscribe, we'll ask you to tell us if you like, or dislike a few examples of posts. The more you tell us, the better we'll be at sending you content you'll love.

What will you email me?

When you subscribe you can choose how often you want to receive emails, and how many posts you want in each one. You will get an email with posts we haven't sent you before that match your preferences.

Will you send me emails I didn't subscribe to?

No, you will only ever receive your subscriptions and site notices.

How can I manage my subscriptions?

At the bottom of every email from us there's a link which you can follow to manage all your subscriptions.

This is awesome, how can I donate?

Why thank you :), we accept Bitcoin if you're feeling generous. You can donate at:

How can I contact you?

Just reply to any email from us. Alternatively you can send an email to: info@redditwatch .com.